Mep award | Sverigedemokraterna i Finnveden

Mep award

Under dagen publicerade Peter ”Nalle” Lundgren denna fina reklam på sin Facebooksida, inför nomineringen till Mep-awards 2015


Så här fin reklam har Peter Lundgren nu fått inför sin nominering till Mep-award 2015

”It is a great honour to be nominated for MEP-Awards 2015 TRANSPORT, as the first ever from a euro-sceptic group.
After spending 30 years in a truck I was elected to the European Parliament last year, I am trying to be very active all
the time to improve the situation in the transport sector. I also would say that the difference between me and the
other candidates is that I actually have a love for the transport sector after spending most of my working life in it.
Coming here to the Parliament as an ”ordinary” working man is pretty much like moving to the planet Mars, so after
only half a year being nominated to the MEP-Awards makes me really proud. It shows that anything is possible when
you put your mind to it, and I will keep on working really hard to continue to speak for the ordinary people.”